Gypsum board profiles are commonly used in construction to build suspended ceiling or partition wall systems. In this article, we will have a look on suspended ceiling and go through the metal profiles best suited for its installation.

However, you can before all, read our related article about how to install a gypsum board. It can gives you some insight before manipulating profiles on false ceiling.

Metal Profiles for Suspended Ceiling

First of all, suspended ceiling is a ceiling coating system. In other words, you have an existing flooring system. Secondly, you have attached it unto a metal frame composed of adequate metal profiles. Then, you select your drywall sheet and screw it to the metal frame. For example, metal profiles for suspended ceiling must be used if you are thinking about installing a false ceiling or covering an existing one. To sum up, the end result is incredible because it gives you a really nice decorative aspect.

Decorative Suspended Ceiling

Why To Build A Suspended Ceiling ?

On the other hand, you should consider building a suspended ceiling if you are willing to:

  • Hide a sub-floor or a damaged ceiling
  • Hide electrical cables and wiring systems (you can also consider our access panel as an alternative if you are not willing to create a false ceiling)
  • Install an integrated lighting
  • Set up acoustic insulation if you wish to attenuate the noise
  • Set up thermal insulation by using rockwool (wondering why to choose insulation products ? This article is for you.)
  • Decrease the height of a room like the bathroom, toilets or kitchen

Gypsum Board Profiles Suited For Suspended Ceiling

Most importantly, before installing a suspended ceiling, metal profiles and accessories must be prepared. We supply best quality metal and accessories. Such as brakes, connectors, clips etc … Likewise, for more accessories, get in touch with us.

Similarly, we do also propose appropriated metal profiles for suspended ceiling systems. They are in accordance with EN standards, resistant to corrosion and fire. It is important to keep in mind that they have different dimensions, depending on the customer specifications.

  • Ceiling C
  • Ceiling U
  • Omega Furring Channel
  • Main Channel
  • L Corner Profile
  • Connector, screw, hanger,  hanger bar, clips, steel dowel

Gypsum Board Profiles With High Quality

Above all, our metal profiles are certified EN standards. That is to say, we use great quality of galvanized steel with the brand DX51D. Meaning that our profiles are coated Z100, with minimum 100gr/m2. As a result, we propose a selection of metal profiles available in 0.40, 0.50 and 0.60mm as per customer request.

Suspended Ceiling Installation Tips

Do you want to know how to install a suspended ceiling system ? Let’s have a look on this video.

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