Insulation products are well known for their heat reduction function, maintain of ideal temperature and saving of energy. However, how do we recognize a good insulation ? What are the characteristics of a good insulation material ?

In today’s article, we invite you to discover the importance of choosing adequate insulation for your homes.

Importance of Insulating Your Home

Wall Insulation

Wall Insulation

Are you wondering if you should insulate your building or not ? Let’s have a look on the benefits below before making your final decision.

Saving on Energy Bills

First of all, investing in insulation works is a great way to save energy on your heating bill.

Live Comfortably All Year

Secondly, by insulating your spaces, you can benefit from living in a pleasant atmosphere each seasons. In fact, a good thermal insulation material will help to retain heat in winter while limiting warmth penetration in summer.

Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool

Prevention Against Moisture and Mold

Thirdly, a quality insulation will allows you to protect your home from dampness. Indeed, humidity can lead to molds. Which is dangerous not only for human health but also inconvenient for the structure of buildings.

Acoustic Attribute

Then, by reinforcing insulation, we can limit noise from outside and upstairs.

Ecological and Environmental Impact

Finally, a well-insulated house can limit energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, you can contribute in the fight against climate change.

Characteristics of Good Thermal Insulation Material

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

As explained above, insulating homes is essential. Nevertheless, when choosing a good insulation material, there are some characteristics that must be taken into consideration, namely:

Higher Thermal Resistance (R)

First and foremost, a good insulation product can be recognized thanks to its thermal resistance (R). The higher this value, the better the thermal insulation. It totally depends on the thickness (e) and the thermal conductivity (λ) of the insulation.

In other words, the formula is as follows: R = e/λ.

Hence, thermal resistance criteria is a proof that an efficient insulation material does not limits itself to the conservation of heat within the house.

Lower Thermal Conductivity (λ) 

Afterwards, coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ) determines the conductive nature of the insulation (i.e. the ease with which heat is conducted). The lower this value, the higher the insulating power of the insulation material will be.

Insulation of Partition Wall

Insulation of Partition Wall

Thickness of The Insulation Material (e)

Similarly, the thickness (e) of the insulation also plays an important role in the performance of the insulation. In fact, the thicker insulation will provide better insulation.

Density of The Insulation 

Likewise, the density of the insulation is a significant factor for delaying the penetration of heat in summer.

Hygienic And Resistant

Last but not least, a good insulation material shouldn’t be suitable for nesting of bacteria and and last-long over time.

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