How to create partition wall on metal frame ?

In order to divide a room in different spaces or making it smaller, you can create partition walls on your own.

In today’s article, we are going to explain how to build a partition wall on a metal frame. So you can organize your living spaces according to your style.

Why To Create a Partition Wall ? 

Partition Wall Installation

Partition Wall Installation

To begin with, whether in homes or offices, when additional rooms are required, we opt for adding interior walls. Thus, gypsum board is the best solution to create rooms or divide large hall to get extra spaces.

In fact, by putting on partition wall, we can enjoy the comfort of mounting and detaching the plasterboards easily when we want. In other words, it is a simple matter of unscrewing, given that gypsum boards are directly mounted on the metal frame.

Step By Step Guide For Building Partition Wall 

Materials Needed

  • Track Wall U
  • Stud Wall C
  • Screw for track and stud metals
  • Screw for plasterboards
  • Tin snip (to cut metal profiles)
  • Tape measure
  • Cordless drill 
  • Drywall screw gun
  • Gypsum boards (Choose which types of plasterboards you want to use)
  • Mineral wool
  • Pencil 
  • Safety gloves 

Installation of Metal Stud Framing

Step 1: Defining The Position Of Metal Stud Wall

First of all, we need to define the position of our metal stud wall. For this, take the measurement of the partition position. Then put a pencil mark on the ground. At the opposite end, do the same.

Partition Wall Installation on Metal Frame

Partition Wall Installation on Metal Frame

Step 2: Fixing U Track On The Floor 

Secondly, between those two marks, indicate the position of the U track that will be fixed on the floor. Next, note the length of the U track on the back. If necessary, use a tin snips to cut down one side. Afterwards, depending on the floor you have (concrete …), use appropriate screws to securely fix the track down to the floor.

Step 3: Implementing C Stud On The Wall

Thirdly, take the measurement from floor to ceiling. After that, cut your C Stud to length, maximum 5 millimeters shorter than the floor to ceiling height. Put it into your U track and place it against the wall surface. Select appropriated screws to the type of background you have (timber, concrete , brick …) and fix the C stud to the wall.

Metal Frame Gypsum Board

Metal Frame Gypsum Board

Step 4: Installing U Track On The Ceiling 

Fourthly, over the stud that we have just fixed against the wall, put into position a ceiling track. Then, use another stud caught to length and place it into the top and bottom track. Fix the U track to the ceiling. Where the stud stops is the end of the partition. Meaning that it is where we need to fix (top and bottom).

Regarding the intermediates studs, they are not fixed in position. Indeed, we leave them as they are because of the plasterboards we will be placing in the following stages.

Attachment of Plasterboards in The Metal Frame Partition

Step 5: Placing Plasterboard in Partition

Fifthly, we make sure that the gypsum plates we will use are cut to size. To avoid the contact with the ground (due to the fact that gypsum can absorb water and moisture), we tight up the boards against the ceiling by lifting them up from the floor.  

With the help of a 25 millimeter special screw for drywall, fix the plasterboard on the metal stud with a drywall screw gun.

Step 6: Insulating The Partition Wall 

Insulation of Partition Wall

Insulation of Partition Wall

Last but not least, to improve the acoustic and thermal performance of the partition, we highly recommend to insulate your partition wall.

Hence, according to measurements of metal frame, make sure to cut the mineral wool. We carry out this stage as the plates of the second phase of the partition is done.

Step 7: Jointing and Finishing Gypsum Boards

Once you have finished, you can start the jointing of gypsum boards.

Jointing Drywall

Jointing Drywall

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