Plaster is a building material in the form of powder. We mainly use it for plastering in interior for surface covering and finishing works. Made from gypsum, the plaster is a highly appreciated coating material.

For a quick and efficient indoor application, make sure to consider this material.

At Board & Wall Co., you have the choice between three different types adapted to your needs. In today’s article, we invite you to discover them. 

Saint-Gobain Rigips Adhesive Plaster

Adhesive Plaster

Adhesive Plaster

First of all, Saint-Gobain Rigips Adhesive Plaster is a gypsum-based material. Basically, we use it to adhere gypsum board and thermal/acoustic insulation composite panels such as XPS and EPS.

Use of Rigips Adhesive

Regarding its application area, the Rigips Adhesive Plaster is used on interior surfaces namely: 

  • Exposed concrete
  • Brick
  • Pumice concrete
  • AAC (aerated concrete)
  • Fair-faced concrete


Likewise, thanks to its composition of calcium sulfate, it is highly recommended. In fact, its main advantages are as below: 

  • Easy to use thanks to its powder texture
  • Needs to be mixed with water only
  • Water-soluble 
  • Convenient due to its odorless feature 
  • Fast application: application time is 60 minutes 
  • Environmental-friendly 

Saint-Gobain Rigips Joint Filler Plaster

Secondly, Saint-Gobain Rigips Joint Filler Plaster is another gypsum-based product. In other words, we choose to prevent cracks and for filling gypsum boards joints. Besides, it ensures integrity on board surfaces.

Use of Rigips Joint Filler

The joint filler is filling and smoothing plaster applied on glass-fiber or paper joint tapes on the plasterboard joints.


Similarly to the Rigips Adhesive, the joint filler composition remains identical with the same advantages, that is to say: 

  • Easy use and convenient
  • In powder
  • To be mixed with water only
  • Water-soluble 
  • Odorless feature 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Application requires 80 minutes. 

Saint-Gobain Rigips Finishing Plaster


Rigips Finishing Plaster

Then, the Rigips Satin Finishing Plaster is used as the final coat for finishing before painting. It enables to obtain smooth surfaces. 

Use of Rigips Finishing

The Rigips Finishing Plaster can be used on a wide range of internal backgrounds (walls and ceilings) by providing quality surface and durable base for the application of decorative finishes.


The main advantage remains in its fire-resistant feature. Similarly to the Rigips Adhesive and Rigips Joint Filler, it offers the following advantages:  

  • Easy to use
  • Powder texture
  • Requires water only
  • Water-soluble 
  • Odorless 
  • Application time is 100 minutes 
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Leave smooth surfaces 
  • Fire resistant

Our Company

Board & Wall Co. is a drywall materials supplier company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are currently exporting to 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, The Caribbean.

Mainly our products are:

✔ gypsum board / plasterboard
✔ fiber cement board
✔ suspended gypsum ceiling
✔ metal framing profiles for partition walls & ceilings
✔ ready mixed joint compound
✔ insulation rolls and panels
✔ bituminous membrane
✔ access panels & accessories
✔ inspection hatch

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