B&W Fireproof Gypsum Board


The fireproof gypsum board is recognizable thanks to its pink color. It is available in 12.5 and 15mm thickness with a width of 1200mm and a length ranging from 2000 to 3600mm. In addition, it has a high resistance to fire. Indeed, during a fire, the increase in fire and smoke is limited. Moreover, our 12.5mm thickness plates provide 125 minutes of fire resistance. For example, if you are facing a fire, you have sufficient time to evacuate the premises.

Board and Wall Co. is proud to provide you an excellent fire prevention product that has been tested and certified by Efectis, the fire safety expert.

Characteristics of the Fire-Resistant Gypsum Board

  • Feature: Paper faced
  • Thickness: 12.50mm – 15mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Length: 2000-3600mm
  • Edge:Tapered or square edge
  • Raw Material: High purity gypsum powder
  • Application: Partition wall, cladding, suspended ceilings


  • Prevents the passage of smoke and limits the spread of fire
  • The structural elements of the building are protected thanks to the high resistance of the plate against fire
  • The time to act and to leave the premises is extended (our 12.5mm thickness boards give 125 minutes of fire resistance if wall system is applied properly).

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