By applying our skills, knowledge and experience, we help our customers to achieve their drywall works. Beside the supply of necessary materials, Board & Wall Co. is able to meet your requirements for construction projects from A to Z. We had completed numerous projects in Europe, Middle East, Africa and The Caribbean.

We are specialized in:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • High rise buildings
  • Private buildings

Responding to Customers Requirements 

Drywall Projects

Drywall Projects

With more than 10 years of experience within the drywall industry, we know how to successfully meet our customers’ demands.

Indeed, our strong products knowledge and expertise enable us to pay attention to the buyers needs. Therefore, we satisfy their expectations and guide them professionally in the selection of appropriate materials. 

Quality Assurance

As part of our quality charter, all of our products comply with EN standards. Thus, we guarantee to supply high quality goods. Our customers can expect to receive products beyond their expectations. Likewise, Board & Wall Co. products’ have been successfully tested and certified by international laboratories.

For instance, among the 3rd party institutions, our products have been approved by ISO, QCDD, SGS, Bureau Varitas, Efectis, TSE, CE. 

Export Operations

Container Loading Port

Container Loading Port

Our operations team is highly skilled in export procedures.

In fact, to take goods out of the country, we are in charge of the preparation and submission of required documentations. By doing so, we facilitate shipments at containers ports and custom clearance at customers sides. 

Logistic Networks

Logistics Network

Logistics Network

Each year we work with shipping lines such as Hapag Loyd, Arkas, Maersk, CMA CGM, ONE, MSC.

We make sure to negotiate best freight rates that we reflect to customers with full transparency.

Therefore, thanks to our annual contracts with shipping lines, we are able to provide competitive freight offers and safe deliveries.

Products Deliveries

Construction Projects

Construction Projects

We are proudly exporting high quality products from Turkey to the other end of the earth.

We can fulfill your construction projects by providing:

✔ gypsum board / plasterboard
✔ fiber cement board
✔ suspended gypsum ceiling
✔ metal framing profiles for partition walls & ceilings
✔ ready mixed joint compound
✔ insulation rolls and panels
✔ bituminous membrane
✔ access panels & accessories
✔ inspection hatch

Projects Completion

Gypsum Board

Gypsum Board

We have managed to contribute to international projects.

In fact, from the restoration of premises in The Caribbean, construction of hotels in Middle East, to the building of public housings in West Africa … we have also earned the trust of international organizations to be involved in government projects.

For instance, to name some of our successful accomplishments :

  • Renovations of Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten and Divi Aruba All-Inclusive Resort in Aruba
  • Construction of social and economic public housings in Benin 
  • Collaboration with the United Nations to complete UNIFIL project in Lebanon
  • Construction of Premier Inn Hotel in Qatar


Our purpose-driven team is composed of highly skilled and talented individuals. Each of them is very serious in their job and expert in their field. Our team members have combined their personal and professional talents in order to deliver the best solutions to the customers’ requirements.

Thanks to their international experiences, our teammates speak fluently English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian and German. Therefore, language is not a barrier for us but a real strength. We use it to our advantage, so we understand our customers cultural background and bring them the best offer.


Just send us an email and we will respond to your requirement in less than 24 hours. Let us supply all the goods you require and need for your works. We will take care of the rest: from the factory exit until the loading of goods in vessels.  

For more information, we invite you to check our catalogue.  Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to stay updated about our latest news. 

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