Glasroc X Gypsum Sheathing Board

glasroc x sheating board

Product information

Glasroc X Sheathing Board 12.5mm is a high performance gypsum sheathing board with mould resistant properties. Use it to provide external weather protection to Steel Frame System (SFS) constructions prior to the installation of the finished exterior façade system.

This product is made up of a gypsum board with a glass fibre mat reinforcement which has inherent mould resistant properties. The mat protects the board with its hydrophobic coating and has additional UV resistant properties.


BBA (British Board of Agrément), TÜV

Face colour: White
Reverse colour: White


Product Sizes (mm)                                   1200 X 2400
Nominal thickness (mm)                           12.5
Minimum weight (kg/m2)                         10.00
Width: maximum tolerance (mm)              +0
Width: minimum tolerance (mm)               +4
Length: maximum tolerance (mm              +0
Length: minimum tolerance (mm)              -5
Squareness: 1200mm width boards (mm)  5