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Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Plasterboard Industry

The coronavirus crisis has affected many industries. Plasterboard is one of them. Due to mandatory lockdowns and borders closure, goods movements have been limited. Global economic activities have been damaged. This has led companies to not only slow down their trades. But also, rethink their organizational structures and work habits. In this article, we are going to talk about how this crisis has touched the plasterboard sector.  Challenges Faced in The Drywall Industry Although China is the main and major [...]

غشاء بيتوميني مقاوم للماء

غشاء بيتوميني مقاوم للماء غشاء بيتوميني مقاوم للماء غشاء بيتوميني مقاوم للماء الغشاء البيتومين هو مادة مانعة لتسرب المياه تحتوي على بوليمرات مختلفة. في الواقع البوليمر يجعل الغشاء البيتومين لديه القدرة على تمييز نفسه عن منتجات العزل الأخرى التي تكون  ضد الماء. و بجانب ذلك تلعب دورا كبيرا عن طريق توفير عزل مائي ممتاز و مقاومة عالية للمواد. ندعوك لمعرفة غشاء العزل البيتوميني في هذا المقال. ما هو غشاء العزل البيتوميني؟ أولا [...]

Fire Resistant Inspection Flap

The most effective fire prevention measures are those taken during the construction of buildings as well as the layout of the premises. Besides, in case of calamities, it is necessary to limit fire effects and reduce emission of dangerous gases and smokes. Basically, the choice of equipment is crucial for many reasons: They ensure good evacuation of premises. They limit the spread of fire. They enable to protect the health and safety of people. [...]

Drywall Project References

Board & Wall Co. participates in the construction of ambitious projects all over the world. With a whole range of international projects, we collaborate with important customers to supply drywall materials. With more than 10 years of experience, we supply high quality materials. We meet our customers' requirements from A to Z. Our professionalism remains not only in the quality of our products, but also in our work ethic. We guide our customers in the selection of [...]

Is Gypsum Board Eco Friendly ?

How high carbon footprint can be reduced in the construction of buildings ? Gypsum board is the best drywall solution.  Indeed, it ensures not only carbon dioxide reduction but also environment protection. Thanks to its recyclable and energy saving attributes, plasterboard is the more convenient among bricks and concrete blocks. Plasterboard Is 100% Recyclable First of all, gypsum board is one of the most largely used drywall products in construction. It has positive impacts on the [...]

Plaque de Plâtre Anti Feu

Aujourd'hui nous allons parler de la plaque de plâtre anti feu. Pour commencer, nous allons découvrir ses caractéristiques. Ensuite, nous évoquerons ses avantages. Puis nous verrons son utilité ainsi que les zones d'application. Caractéristiques De La Plaque De Plâtre Anti Feu D'abord, la plaque de plâtre résistante au feu est reconnaissable grâce à sa couleur rose. Ainsi, la plaque ignifuge est disponible en épaisseur 12.5 et 15mm avec un largeur de 1200mm et une [...]

Access Panel: User Manual

In today’s article, we will first discover what is an access panel. Then, we will discuss about its use and its composition. In addition, we will mention its numerous advantages. To finish, we will go through the 6 easy steps to apply it on your own. What Is An Access Panel ? Drywall Access Panel First of all, the access panel is a construction material mainly used in bathrooms to hide interventions [...]

Waterproofing Bituminous Membrane

The bituminous membrane is a waterproofing material that contains different polymers. Thus, the polymer enables the bitumen membrane to differentiate itself from other waterproof insulation products. In fact, it plays a leading role by providing excellent water insulation and high resistance to the material.  In today’s article, we invite you to discover the bituminous waterproofing membrane. What Is The Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane ? Firstly, the bitumen, which is also known as asphalt, is a mixed [...]

Soundproof And Sound Insulation Gypsum Board

Did you heard about the soundproof gypsum board ?  This acoustic board is the innovation within the construction sector and differentiate itself thanks to a key characteristic …  In today’s article, we invite you to discover the key success factor of the sound insulation. We will discuss about the advantages it represents, the scope of application and its storage system. Characteristics Of The Soundproof Gypsum Board  High Sound Insulation Property  The soundproof gypsum board has been created [...]


L'article d'aujourd'hui est dédiée à la plaque de plâtre hydrofuge. Pour commencer, nous allons découvrir ses caractéristiques. Ensuite, nous évoquerons ses avantages. Puis, nous verrons quelles sont les pièces adaptées pour son placement.Caractéristiques De La Plaque De Plâtre HydrofugePremièrement, la plaque de plâtre hydrofuge se distingue par sa couleur verte. Ainsi, comme son nom l’indique, elle présente une résistance à l’eau ainsi qu'à l’humidité. Plaque de plâtre résistant à l'eau Les Avantages De La Plaque Imperméable La plaque imperméable présente des [...]

“معجون شيتروك “مركب متعدد الأغراض

معجون شيتروك هو مركب يجفف بالهواء مناسب لجميع انواع الطلاء أو كطبقة نهائية لجميع وصلات الواح الجبس أو ما يسمي البلاستر بورد و رؤوس التشبيت و الزوايا. الغرض من استخدامه يستخدم المعجون بشكل واسع في الإصلاح و التشطيب المحتوى يتكون هذا الخليط من مادة الياف الفينيل الجودة معجون شيتروك هذا الخليط يمر ب 10 مراحل من عملية التجميد لذلك لا يمكنك الشك في جودة التكوين طريقة التطبيق ويمكن تطبيق معجون شيتروك علي الأسطح سواء بشكل يدوي [...]

Trappe De Visite: Manuel D’utilisation

La trappe de visite est généralement utilisée dans les salles de bains. Notamment pour couvrir les zones d’intervention d’urgences en cas de nécessité. En d’autres termes, elle permet d’accéder au vide sanitaire en toute sécurité. Dans cet article, nous allons premièrement découvrir la trappe de visite en acier. Ensuite, nous allons aborder son utilisation et sa composition. Par ailleurs, nous aborderons ses avantages. Puis, nous évoquerons les différentes étapes à suivre pour son application. Définition De La [...]

Production Of Gypsum Board

In today's post, we will be discussing about the production of gypsum boards. What Is Gypsum Board ?  Gypsum board differs from other building products due to its non-combustible core and paper facers. For instance plywood, hardboard and fiberboard. Discover the benefits and advantages of choosing plasterboards by reading our related article "Why gypsum board ?".  Production Of Gypsum Board: How Do We Produce ? Firstly, production is made of calcined plaster mineral. Then, we add water [...]

ماهو ألواح الجبس؟

ألواح الجبس أو ما يسمى البلاستر بورد أو الجبسوم بورد( الألواح الجبسية)  و يُعرف نظام الجبس البورد غالبًا باسم الحوائط الجافة أو ألواح الجبس أو ألواح الجدران، هي عبارة عن ألواح جبسية من خليط الجبس و السيليكون و الفيبر جلاس و مغلفة بطبقة من الكرتون المعالجالجبس البورد له ثلاث أنواع و هم الجبس العادي   الجبس المقاوم للرطوبةالجبس المقاوم للحرائق ألواح الجبس الواح الجبس المعتادةهذا النوع يتغلف بطبقة من الكرتون باللون الابيض او اللون العاجي ليكون جاهزاً [...]

Lightweight Gypsum Board

The tough competition as a result of increasing consumption of gypsum board and our desire to increase our export sales and market share led us to produce a lighter gypsum board which will also help to overcome logistic difficulties we have been facing recently. Considering logistic difficulties we have been facing globally due to Covid-19 and recently increasing freight & transportation costs, we have decided to come with a solution by producing lighter plasterboard which [...]

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