Rigips Finishing Plaster


Rigips Satin Finishing Plaster is used to obtain smooth surfaces. It is used as the final coat finishing plaster before painting which is applied manually on interior surfaces and has high adherence property. It is a mixture of calcium sulfate hemihydrate with aggregate, cellulose and natural retarder. It is tested according to the relevant Turkish Standard: TS EN 13279-1 Gypsum Binders and Gypsum Plasters – Thin Coat Plaster, Finishing Product – C6/20/2.

  • 10 kg of Rigips Satin Finishing Plaster is scattered gradually onto 7 liters of clean water in a clean container. Wait for a few minutes for the full contact of water and product.
  • It is mixed with a hand mixer or trowel until the plaster becomes homogeneous. The mixer should be operated for maximum of 2 minutes with max. 150-200 cycles per minute.
  • Container and equipment to be used for the mixing process should be clean for each application.
  • The application surface must be free from dust, oil and dirt.Prepared mortar is applied on the surface with a steel trowel.
  • The ambient temperature of the application, surface temperature and temperature during drying should be minimum +5°C.