B&W Regular Gypsum Board

Regular Plasterboard

B&W Regular Gypsum Board is composed of high purity reinforced of noncombustible gypsum core by the additives with the special surface cardboards at B&W high technology production line. Discover the production of plasterboard in our blog page.

Characteristics of Regular Plasterboard

  • Feature: Paper faced
  • Thickness: 9.50mm – 12.50mm – 15mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Length: 2000-3600mm
  • Edge:Tapered or square edge
  • Raw Material: High purity gypsum powder
  • Application areas: Partition wall, cladding wall, suspended ceilings


  • Enables to create perfect backdrop
  • As a breathable material, balances the ambient humidity and helps to create healthy environments
  • Compared with traditional wall applications, significantly reduces the loads of the wall at the building
  • Minimize the problems resulting from handling, application and use due to its high durability