Fire Rated Inspection Hatch


Characteristics of Fire Resistant Shaft Cover

Fire rated inspection hatch is a prevention material used to hide and protect inspection areas, electrical and mechanical installations. In case of fire, it prevent expansion of flame and smoke. Indeed, as fire usually spreads from the shaft spaces, it is important to use inspection hatch in these areas. Shaft cover offers a safety and security system in buildings and gives decorative aspect.

Technical Specification

  • Available sizes from 450 x 450mm to 1200 x 1200mm
  • Aluminium Exterior and Interior Frames
  • Fire Seal (Flament / Sodium Silicate)
  • Latch
  • Double Layer Non-Combustible A1 Class Exterior Gypsum Board 12.5mm
  • Mineral Wool Insulation 30mm 45kg/m3
  • Locker & Key
  • Fire Resistance Class: F90/EI120
  • Standard: EN 1634 – 1:2008

Advantages of Fire Resistant Inspection Cover

  • Fire resistant
    • Inside the shaft: 120 minutes (1046°)
    • Outside the shaft: 90 minutes (1006°)
  • UL and Efectis certified in accordance with EN 1634-1 standard