The most effective fire prevention measures are those taken during the construction of buildings as well as the layout of the premises. Besides, in case of calamities, it is necessary to limit fire effects and reduce emission of dangerous gases and smokes.

Basically, the choice of equipment is crucial for many reasons:

  • They ensure good evacuation of premises.
  • They limit the spread of fire.
  • They enable to protect the health and safety of people.
  • They help to safeguard properties.

In today’s article, we will present you our brand new fire resistant inspection flap.

What Is The Fire Resistant Inspection Flap ?

First and foremost, the fire rated shaft cover is a prevention material. Which means that during a fire, it prevents against flame and smoke. At the same time, we use it to hide inspection areas.

Fire Resistant Inspection Flap

Fire Resistant Inspection Flap

Effectively, such as the access panel, it is applied to protect and hide electrical and mechanical installations.

However, contrary to the access panel, it limits expansion of fire. Indeed, as fire usually spreads from the shaft spaces, it is important to use inspection hatch in these areas.

On top of that, shaft cover offers a safety and security system in buildings and gives decorative aspect.

Advantages Of The Fire Rated Inspection Hatch

First of all, the main characteristic of inspection door is its durability against fire.

Fire Resistance Attribut

In fact, when we are faced with fire, application of the inspection hatch limits the spread of flame and smoke.

  • For instance, if the fire starts inside the shaft, inspection hatch provides 120 minutes fire resistance (1046 degrees).
  • Similarly, if the fire starts outside the shaft (for example in the corridor), expansion of flame is hindered for 90 minutes (1006 degrees).
Fire resistant inspection hatch

Fire Resistant Inspection Hatch

In other words, if such event occurs, you have enough time to leave the premises.

Furthermore, the fire rated feature of our inspection flaps have been approvedved by Efectis (The Fire Safety Expert) in accordance with EN 1634-1 standard.

Which certifies that it is a great prevention equipment, of good quality, safety and suitable in case of emergency. That’s why, it is very important to install this product in hazardous areas.

Double Layer Non-Combustible A1 Class Gypsum Board

Secondly, the fire rated shaft door is firmly equipped with mineral wool panel and  double layer non-combustible A1 class gypsum boardThus, this strong 12,5mm thickness gypsum board is mainly employed in exterior sheathing. We use it as a backerboard in the inspection flap.

Besides, each sheets is composed of fiberglass mats and special core components that enhance the durability to fire.

Where To Use The Fire Rated Shaft Cover ?

Last but not least, inspection flaps are mainly present in shaft cavities. Thereby, when talking about shaft spaces we are referring to the transfer systems in buildings.

Fire resistant shaft cover

Fire Resistant Shaft Cover

By this way, they are connecting the fondations to the roofs, namely:

  • Electrical installations
  • Sanitary installations
  • Mechanical installations

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