Knauf Earthwool Rolls


Knauf Earthwool roll is a roof mat applied by laying on the floor between unused roof. According to the purpose of use one or two sides can be coated with aluminum foil. Available in 50mm to 140mm thinkness, and provides high thermal resistance.

Advantages of Knauf Earthwool Roll

  • Provides lightweight and cost effective insulation solution
  • Perfect thermal insulation with lower thermal conductivity coefficient
  • High sound absorption performance with its unique fiber structure
  • Maximum safety against fire (Class A1 in reaction to fire classification and Euroclass A1: non-combustible, does not spread fire, does not contribute to fire)
  • Has low volatile organic compound level thanks to innovative ECOSE® Technology which does not contain phenol, formaldehyde type harmful chemicals, acrylics and dye in its binder content
  • Environment friendly: eco-friendly structure, helps to create more healthy and habitable living areas.