Rockwool Insulation: there are various kind of solutions to have a suited insulation at your facilities. You may use insulated panels or rock wool for facade.

In today’s article, we will discover the different types of insulation solutions.

Rockwool Insulation Sandwich Wall Panel

Rockwool insulation sandwich wall panel is produced by galvanizing two outer layers which are thinner than the inner material.

For example, when a wooden layer is placed between two aluminum layers, the structure of the panel looks like a sandwich.

Thus, maximum mechanical performance is achieved with minimum mass. It also provides water, sound and heat insulation while providing load carrying.

With its wide range of usage areas ranging from sports halls to shopping malls, from the roofs of our homes to fruit and vegetable states, from cold stores to military buildings, this industrial product is an invariable part of our lives and is the number one product used in the construction industry to build long-lasting and suitable buildings.

Sandwich Panel

Sandwich Panel

Knauf IPB Partition Panels

Knauf IPB partition panel: mineral wool based rockwool insulation product with minimum dusting. It is easy to apply due to flexible insulation board for intermediate partitions. Designed for intermediate compartments, this product provides heat and sound insulation and also it is resistant to fire.

Rockwool Mineral Plus

Rockwool Mineral Plus

Knauf FCB Facade Insulation

Knauf FCB Facade Insulation, mineral wool based, minimum dusting, easy to apply, flexible insulation board for exterior facades. Designed for curtain walls, this product provides heat and sound insulation and also it is resistant to fire. Size in 600x1200mm provides strong heat isolation.

Knauf Facade Insulation Glass Wool

Knauf Facade Insulation Glass Wool

Knauf Earthwool Rolls

Earthwool roll is a roof mat applied by laying on the floor between unused roof. It provides high performance, it is long lasting and it is environment friendly. It’s highly fire resistance. According to the purpose of use one or two sides can be coated with aluminum foil. Available in 50mm to 140mm thinkness, gives you high thermal resistance.

Mineral wool

Mineral wool

How To Install Mineral Insulation

Wondering how to install ceiling insulation ? We invite you to watch this video for more tips.

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