What is Collated Drywall Screw ? 



First and foremost, whether we are talking about collated or non-collated screws, the difference between both fasteners relies on the way there are presented. That is to say, collated are laid out in a line on plastic. On the other hand, non-collated are in bulk. 

Thereby, if you are about to fix few plasterboards, using non-collated screws individually will be enough. In contrast, if you are going to deal with lots of gypsum boards, collated screws arranged on plastic will be perfectly suited. 

How Does Collated Screw Work ? 



Afterwards, the specificity of collated fasteners remains in the fact that they have been elaborated to be introduced into a cordless auto-feed screwdriver. Importantly, we don’t have to attach each screw to the hand drill, as we used to do.

As a result, we are not wasting time lining up screws on the screwdriver. Since, we just have to insert the plastic strip of fasteners into the auto feed screw tool. Above all, which also means that the fixing process of plasterboards is fully automated.

Advantages of Collated Drywall Fasteners 

Similarly, the appearance of collated screws system has been an excellent innovation that met the need of construction workers. Therefore, compared to traditional fasteners, collated screws present interesting advantages. Such as: 

  • Efficient
  • Quick and Easy to fix
  • Time saver
  • Reduction of waste
  • Safety and security


Firstly, collated drywall screws enable to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and expenses. Effectively, they are up to four times faster than installing non-collated fasteners. 

Quick and Easy Fixing 

Secondly, the combination of auto-feed screw gun and collated screws offers quick and easy automated fixing system. 

Save Time

Thirdly, the screws that are collated are lined up straight on a single plastic band. Consequently, this reduce drive time considerably. Due to that we are no longer inserting each screw one by one in the screw gun. 

Reduce Waste 

Fourthly, individual plastic strip reduces and eliminates waste that we can usually encounter with bulk fasteners. Particularly, up to 10% to 15% of total screws used.

Safety in Workplace 

In addition, collated screws provide safety in workplace. For example painful finger cuts from bulk screws.

Features of Our Collated Drywall Screws



Last but not least, at Board & Wall Co., we offer a wide range of black phosphated drywall screws, with different thicknesses and sizes. To summarize, let’s discover below the main features of our high quality fasteners, proudly made in Turkey:

  • Surface: Black phosphated
  • Drive Style: Phillips
  • Head Style: Bugle
  • Threads: Coarse or Fine
  • Shanks: Self drill or Sharp point
  • Thickness: 3.5 – 3.9 mm
  • Sizes: 25 – 55 mm 

Our Company 

As Board & Wall Co. we are drywall materials supplier company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are currently exporting over 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, The Caribbean. 

Mainly our products are:

✔ gypsum board / plasterboard
✔ plaster
✔ fiber cement board
✔ drywall screw
✔ gypsum ceiling tiles
✔ metal framing profiles
✔ ready mixed joint compound
✔ insulation rolls and panels
✔ access panels

For more information, check our catalogue. Follow us on social media LinkedIn and Instagram to stay updated about our latest news. 

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