The main product that we need for drywall, ceilings and wall cladding is the gypsum board. We also use cement board, joint compound, metal profiles and plaster powders. Let’s discover them in today’s article.

Gypsum Board

Production Of Gypsum Board

First, we produce gypsum board from a mineral rock. It is called gypsum. Then, we extract the gypsum from mining sites. There are two ways of exploitation. On the one hand, we use underground mining. This is done when the raw material is deeply buried. On the other hand, there is an open pit mining. This is realized if the first layer of raw material is not deep.

After that, we fragment the gypsum into small pieces. Later on, we back them in ovens and ground them. So we obtain a gypsum powder. 

Furthermore, when we mix gypsum powder with water and other additives, it forms plaster. It is good to know that the plaster is a fully recyclable material. To finish, the plaster paste that we have obtained is poured between two cardboard and then dried.

Exploitation Of Gypsum Board

Similarly, gypsum is a well-exploited natural resource which enables the production of plate powder. Thus, gypsum powder is the main element for the manufacture of plaster-based products. For instance plasterboards, plaster coatings and plaster tiles.

For example, we can use plasterboards to renovate walls and ceilings. Or else, we can build partitions and false ceilings. Likewise, we can arrange spaces thanks to the separation of room. Therefore, uses of gypsum board is multiple and depends on its type and use.

Consequently, there are different types of boards, available in width of 1200 mm, length from 2400 to 3600 mm and thickness of 9.5, 12.5 and 15 mm. 

Moisture Resistant Plasterboards

Moisture Resistant Plasterboards

Types Of Gypsum Board

Regular Gypsum Board

Firstly, the most famous is the regular gypsum board. In fact, it is the most standard and consumed product. We mainly use it for partition walls and suspended ceilings. It is flexible against cracks. However, it does not provide any resistance against humidity or fire. 

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

At the opposite, we have the moisture resistant or waterproof plasterboard. Above all, it is reinforced against humidity. It used, for example, in wet places such as bathrooms and toilets. Also, it provides great humidity resistance. Thanks to its fibers and green color paper which covers the boards.

Drywall Gypsum Boards

Fire Resistant Gypsum Boards

Fire Resistant Gypsum Board 

On the other hand, you can decide to use the fireproof plasterboard. Above all, it has the particularity of being fire resistant. In fact, we apply it in spaces that require special protection against fire. Such as residences, schools, hospitals, hotels and shopping centers. Also, it is suitable for ceilings and drywall. Mainly where a high level of fire protection is required. That’s why, fibers and the red color paper (which covers the boards) provide fire resistance. 

Ready Mix Joint Compound

As an alternative to gypsum powder. We can suggest you to use one of our joint compounds. Especially for jointing, skimming, finishing or smoothing. Compared to plaster powders, USG joint compounds will give you much better solutions with less effort.

Sheetrock Joint Compound

Ready Mixed Joint Compound

USG Ready Mix Joint Compound

First of all, the crackfree joint compound comes in 25kg bucket with green lid. Its an ideal product for jointing and smoothing. Vinyl based product is flexible againts damages and crackes. That’s why, it has all advantages. Such as time saving, easy to handle and apply. Click for technical data sheet.

USG Sheetrock Joint Compound

Then, you can choose for the Sheetrock brand ready mix all purpose joint compound. Above all, it gives excellent bounding, embedding and finishing work. Check the product description here.

Lightweight Plus 3

Finally, we invite you to discover the Lightweight USG Joint compound. It enables fastest drying with highest volume. Available in 17L. The Lightweight Plus3 gives you more surface coverage comparing to any other product. Click for technical details.

Gypsum Powder

The gypsum powder is a part of partition and ceiling systems. Where ever gypsum board is used, there is a demand for plaster powder as well. That is to say, the ready mix joint compound might not be preferred all the time. In that case, gypsum powder can be an alternative product ! Especially for embedding, jointing, finishing and skimming. Although it takes more time comparing to joint compounds. However, it is an economical product which gives you flexibility for decoration works.

Galvanized Metal Profiles For Gypsum Board

Steel profiles for gypsum board and accessories for partition walls and ceilings. Galvanize coating 100gr/m2, produced as per EN 14195 standards. Available in 0,40; 0,50 and 0,60mm thickness and customized length. Board & Wall Co. supplies all required profiles for your projects.

Galvanized Metal Profiles

Metal Profiles for Suspended Ceiling and Partition Wall

Suspended Ceiling Frame

For ceiling system, we suggest you to use Ceiling U, ceiling C, Omega profiles, Omega M and Omega U. Moreover, there are accessories like screw, suspension wire, hanger, bracket, steel dowel and fiber tapes. 

Partition Wall Metal Profiles

We do also provide Stud, track, perforated corner, L corner and accessories for interior wall partition. Well produced and palletized, our metal profiles are exported for construction projects all around the world. Also we’re able to produce galvanized profiles as per your design.


Insulation is probably the most important part of construction projects. In fact, it enables to protect people from over heat, cold and sound. Therefore a comfortable building has to be well insulated against cold, heat and noise. For instance, Knauf Insulation is the best solution provider for your interior and exterior insulation. A well insulated house can help you to save energy and money. 

Knauf Insulation Panels

Knauf Insulation Panels

Exterior Insulation

On the one hand, we have the Knauf façade insulation panels. They are available in 60x120cm dimensions from 50 to 150mm thickness. For details; FCB035.

Interior Insulation 

Then, we propose you the Knauf Mineral Wool Ecose. This technology gives you an optimum heat and sound insulation. Furthermore, its application is easy for your interior walls. To sump up, it is a very clean material. Especially an eco-friendly product that prevents dust and dirt in your building.

Roof Insulation

Finally, we have the Earthwool Knauf insulation ! This is the best and most economical solution for over and under joists. Thus, the insulation rolls are available in thickness 100, 120 and 140mm. Also, they are available in length from 8 to 12 meters.

Wall Cladding

Alongside interior partition and ceilings, we provide solutions for exterior wall cladding. Compared to bricket walls or aerated autoclaved blocks, exterior gypsum boards and cement boards are much preferable. This is due to cost, time, logistic and application advantages.

Drywall Cement Boards Products

Gypsum Board Storage

Exterior Gypsum Board

Most importantly, exterior gypsum boards are used for wall cladding. Besides, among the alternative products, the exterior board is a A1 class fire resistant and water resistant. Thus, it is the easiest solution for installation. Also, due to logistic advantages, exterior gypsum board is highly recommended. Available in 12.5 and 15mm thickness and custom length. Among all cladding products exterior plasterboard is the easiest, lighest and most economical product.

Cement Board

Cement bonded particle boards are suitable for wall cladding and interior partition. Cement board is strong against damages. Also, it is suitable for steel construction buildings. Besides, it is easy to cut and apply.

Fiber Cement Board   

Fiber cement board is a fiber reinforced cement boards. This is an alternative for cement board. Also, an exterior gypsum board for exterior wall cladding. Available in thicknesses from 4 to 20mm and customized sizes.

Our Company

As Board & Wall Co. we are drywall materials supplier company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are currently exporting to 25 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, The Caribbean. 

Mainly our products are:

✔ gypsum board / plasterboard
✔ fiber cement board
✔ suspended gypsum ceiling
✔ metal framing profiles for partition walls & ceilings
✔ ready mixed joint compound
✔ insulation rolls and panels
✔ bituminous membrane
✔ access panels & accessories
✔ inspection hatch

For more information, check our catalogue. Follow us on social media LinkedIn and Instagram to stay updated about our latest news. 

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