Fiber cement boards are used in the construction industry as option of cement board.

In today’s article, we will discover the fiber cement board in detail, it use and advantages.

What Is Fiber Cement Board ? 

Fiber Cement Boards

Fiber Cement Boards

Fibercement is the fiber reinforced cement. Fiber cement boards are composed of cellulose leafs and cement plate. Previously they are produced for roofs and then developed for interior and exterior cladding. It is sold in form of panel with different surface views. 

Use Of Fiber Cement Board

Natural fiber cement are hardened in autoclave and have many surface appearance such as flat, wood and natural stone.

Thus, with the latest innovations in the field of fibercement, natural fiber cement based boards are used in all kinds of interior and exterior cladding of buildings.

Advantages Of Fiber Cement Board

Application of fiber cement boards in drywall projects has several advantages, namely:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Durable and resistance
  • Heat and sound insulation

Eco Friendly 

Fibercement Boards

Fibercement Boards

Firstly, fibercement sheets are environment friendly materials.

Indeed, they do not contain any substance that may be harmful for humans or environment. Besides, there are no gas emissions to the environment in time or due to atmospheric conditions. It is also non-asbestos. 

Durable And Resistant

Secondly, fibercement plates are durable over time.

Since the plates are already cooked under high temperature and pressure during production, they are extremely resistant to the most demanding climate change. Therefore, fibercement sheets are not affected by climatic conditions. 

Heat And Sound Insulation Properties

Thirdly, fibercement board is essentially a very good heat and sound insulation material.

In fact, it is non-flammable and A1 class building material according to EN13501-1. For instance, we can obtain very good heat and sound insulation when we use it with materials with high insulation value. There is also type of sheets which are not affected by rain or water.

Application of Fibercement

Application of Fibercement

Consequently, fiber cement board can be used in interior and exterior walls of all kinds of buildings such as:

  • Ventilated facade cladding systems
  • Insulated – plastered cladding systems
  • Indoor and outdoor ceiling coverings
  • Suspended ceiling systems
  • Eaves and under them
  • Steel column
  • False column coverings

Last but not least, this board gives the stock advantage, accessibility, facility of transportation, installation and application.

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