In order to ensure durable and stronger drywall systems in the sector, Rigips has developed the impact resistant plasterboards series: Rigips Bizon impact resistant and Rigips Hipo impact and water resistant gypsum boards.

This week learn more about Rigips Hipo impact and water resistant gypsum board line. 

Characteristics of Impact and Water Resistant Plasterboard 

Rigips Hipo gypsum board differentiates itself thanks to its impacts and water resistance attributes.

Rigips Hipo Impact and Water Resistant Plasterboard

Rigips Hipo Impact and Water Resistant Plasterboard

Resistance to Physical Impacts 

Firstly, Rigips Hipo has been made with increased surface hardness and core density. Therefore, this special formula provides high resistance to physical impacts.

Sound Insulation 

Secondly, Rigips Hipo board offers high sound insulation by reducing sound transmission.

Resistance to Fire 

Thirdly, fire and smoke is limited in case of emergency.

Water and Moisture Resistance 

Finally, compared to Rigips Bizon impact resistant plasterboard, Rigips Hipo provides water absorption up to 10% and moisture resistance in wet spaces.

Application Area of Rigips Hipo Impact and Water Resistant Gypsum Board

Similarly, Rigips Hipo panel is appropriate for wet areas that require water and moisture resistance, namely: 

  • Houses: bathrooms, kitchens
  • School: dining rooms, kitchens, toilets 
  • Healthcare buildings: operating rooms, toilets, dining halls, kitchens, bathrooms 
  • Hotels: restaurants, bathrooms, toilets, spa areas 

Technical Specifications of Rigips Hipo Impact and Water Resistant Panel

Board TypeDFH2IR
Total Water Absorbance< 10%
Fire Rating ClassA2-s1,d0
Surface HardnessØ < 15 mm
Dimensions – Width x Length (mm)1200 x 2400 – Standard Length
Thickness (mm)12,5 – 15
Vertical Durability> 725 – > 870
Parallel Durability> 300 – > 360
Weight (kg/m2)12,0-13,0  /  15,0-16,0

Storage of Rigips Hipo Plasterboard 

To sum up, the impact and water resistant boards must be stored on a clean and flat surface. They must avoid being in contact with the ground.

Besides, the storage environment must be protected from water and moisture.

No matter what is the type of gypsum board used, you must always make sure to store the boards in indoor, where the goods are avoiding exposure to inappropriate weather conditions.

For more tips about the packaging, handling and storage of plasterboards, we invite you to read our related article. 

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