Joint compound and gypsum powder are used in drywall for jointing, skimming and finishing processes before painting.

Drywall And Finishing Surface Materials

While choosing between joint compound and gypsum powder, you have definitely the choice. In fact, you need to decide whether or not you are going to make repairs such as patching holes or filling cracks. Thus, both of them are used for filling joint gaps in the joints of drywall and finishing surface. However, given that joint compound is sold pre-mixed, you will have lots of benefits compared to the gypsum powder. Likewise, we invite you to follow this guideline to discover the dos and don’ts of tapping drywall like a pro.

Which leads us to get know more about the different types of compounds and their advantages.

Different Types Of Joint Compound

As mentioned previously, the drywall compound is usually sold pre-mixed. Board & Wall Co. proposes three different types:

These products are used for almost every drywall installation and repair. For instance to finish drywall joints and corners. Watch this video and learn the application steps. 

sheetrock installation

Drywall Skim Coating

Advantages of Drywall Joint Compound

  • Provides faster and superior performance in joint closure
  • Useful for repairing cracks and holes in existing plasterboard and plaster surfaces
  • You can save time because it does not need any extra process
  • It is ready to use
  • It takes 6 to 12 hours to dry, depending on the humidity and temperature
  • Higher resistance to fire

Uses Of Gypsum Powder

On the other hand, gypsum powder is used by mixing with water. By doing so, it hardens quickly thanks to its composition of cooked and powdered gypsum stone. Therefore, it can be used on brick, briquette, concrete and cement based plaster surfaces.

Besides, this powder is used in various construction applications such as plaster, repair works and drywalls. For instance, it is ideal for embedding tape, skimming, and finishing gypsum board joints, corner profiles, flooring and fasteners.

Our Company 

As Board & Wall Co. we are drywall materials supplier company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are currently exporting to 25 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, The Caribbean. 

Mainly our products are:

✔ gypsum board / plasterboard
✔ fiber cement board
✔ suspended gypsum ceiling
✔ metal framing profiles for partition walls & ceilings
✔ ready mixed joint compound
✔ insulation rolls and panels
✔ bituminous membrane
✔ access panels & accessories
✔ inspection hatch

For more information, check our catalogue. Follow us on social media LinkedIn and Instagram to stay updated about our latest news. 

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