We use Gypsum board for suspended ceilings and partition walls. 4 types of gypsum boards exists. Each corresponds to a specific need and requirement. The different types of gypsum boards  can be discovered by reading our related post.

Today, we will explain the benefits and advantages provided by this attractive product. Before starting your construction project, you should definitely take them into consideration.

Gypsum Board Drywall



Benefits Of Gypsum Board

First of all, this drywall board is convenient to be used in interior walls and ceiling applications. But its light material can not support outside climate change. Therefore, we do not recommend you to use your boards in exterior walls. 

On the other hand, you can benefit from its great convenience and lower costs. For instance, compared to concrete walls, drywall gives flexibility during partition of inner construction. Therefore, it can be easily set up in few hours.

The use of plasterboard has became very popular. The mostly used are waterproof and fire resistant boards. They are literally knowing a real success.



Furthermore, by using plasterboards, you can benefit from economical advantages. Such as saving time and costs. This is applicable during production, transportation and application. That’s why, it is a cost effective product. Whereas different kind of wall materials such as concrete blocks are really expensive.

In addition, its application will save you time and energy. You can finally benefit from a durable, cost and time effective alternative for your wall !


Environment Friendly

Similarly, gypsum board causes less carbon emission and does not harm the planet. While cement boards and bricks are the complete opposite. Consequently, it is an environment friendly material that can be recycled and re used over time.

Moisture resistant and regular gypsum boards

Moisture resistant and regular gypsum boards

Advantages Of Gypsum Board 

On the other hand, plasterboards offer multiples advantages: 

  • Flexible
  • Light and durable
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Clean
  • Economic
  • Solid and durable

Flexible Structure of Gypsum Board

Furthermore, gypsum board can be easily designed. This is possible thanks to its flexible structure. By using flexible gypsum boards, you can create different designs.

For example, you can decorate your walls or ceilings by creating nice decorative gypsum board . Also, you can make sure that it can take round shape or be ornamented with patterns.

Light and  Durable Structure of Gypsum Board

Also, it is durable against earthquake.  So, it gives the possibility to build lighter buildings thanks to the flexible structure .

Easy Installation And Convenient Usage of Gypsum Board

Above all, plasterboards are removable. You can install them quickly and easily. This is mainly possible with its light structure. You can create or add a new room. Generally in homes and workplaces you may divide rooms by using regular gypsum boards.

That is to say, it gives you the facility of changing and planning your living spaces. The Installation is as simple as dismantling. This makes gypsum board ideal for self-to-do projects. In fact, it will provides freedom of movement and installation. 

Clean Application of Gypsum Board

Last but not least, gypsum boards are made of healthy and hygienic materials. In other words, they respond to your expectations in terms of health and cleaning and do not produce bacteria.

Also, its pH value is the same as the human body. Similarly, during the construction it does not create extensive mess because there are no liquid-based materials. 

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

Installation Of Plasterboard Tips

Want to learn how to install a plasterboard on a wall ? Check this video.

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