First and foremost, gypsum board metal profiles and accessories are used forpartition walls and suspended ceilings. In addition, we have explained both systems in our blog page. Therefore, you can discover our related articles and get to know more about false ceiling and interior wall !

However, in today’s article, we will give you a short description of the main metal profiles used in the construction sector while installing gypsum boards. We have a nice guideline to self-install your own profile for gypsum boards.

Gypsum Board Metal Profiles Types

First of all, our gypsum board metal profiles production is done as per EN10346:2015 and 100gr/m2 zinc coated for corrosion protection. That is to say, metal profilesused for plasterboards are as followed:

  • Ceiling C
  • Ceiling U
  • Stud Wall C
  • Track Wall U
  • Omega Furring Channel
  • Main Channel
  • L Corner Profile
  • Corner Bead
  • Connector, screw, hanger,  hanger bar, clips, steel dowel

Most importantly, they are all available in 0.40, 0.50 and 0.60mm thickness as per customer demand. Besides, DX51 brand steel is used and all our profiles are Z100/m2 galvanized coated.

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Ceiling C

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Ceiling C

Metal Profile Ceiling C

On the one hand, this profile is used for structure of false ceilings and suspended ceilings27x60mm is the most standard C Profile size. Moreover, we do also provide C profile in size 47x18x6mm and custom length from 2,7 to 3 meters.

Gypsum Board Metal Profile Ceiling U

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Ceiling U

Metal Profile Ceiling U

On the other hand, Ceiling U is another profile for ceiling system, available in size 23x28x23 and it is used with ceiling c and omega furring channel.

Metal Profile Stud

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Stud

Metal Profile Stud

Then, this metal profile is used for partition wall with track. In other words, the stud is a galvanized metal profile available in size 50, 75 and 100mm in width.

Metal Profile Track

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Track

Metal Profile Track

Furthermore, we have the profile Track which is an other profile used for drywall partition system and produced in 50, 75 and 100mm width.

Metal Profile Omega Furring Channel

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Omega Furring Channel

Metal Profile Omega Furring Channel

On the other hand, we have an alternative product for suspended ceilings used with clips, hanger wire and main channel. To clarify, this profile is available in width 68, 78 and 81mm.

Metal Profile Main Chanel

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Main Chanel

Metal Profile Main Channel

Similarly, we have the galvanized metal profile main channel for false ceilings used with omega channel.

Metal Profile Corner

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Corner

Metal Profile Corner

Finally, we have the metal profile corner, used for protection of wall corners and available in 3 meters length and 25mm wide.

Metal Profile Perforated Corner

Gypsum Board Metal Profile: Perforated Corner

Metal Profile Perforated Corner

Last but not least, another corner metal is the perforated corner, mainly used for protection of gypsum wall corners.

Gypsum Board Metal Profiles & Accessories

Above all, B&W also supplies mesh tapes, self drilling and self tapping screws, hanger wires, clips, brackets and more. As a result, you can discover our other products and mail us your enquiries.

Galvanized Metal Profiles Tips

Do you want to know how to build a metal stud wall by using a steel frame, plasterboard and insulation ? This video is right for you. Let’s check this out !

Our Company

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